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We are a charity helping people across the country to prevent or live with cancer. Our approach is positive, practical and empowering. We have the information and services you need to be responsible for your own wellbeing and health, and the support services for those who need them most.
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Are you Vitamin D Deficient?
With the summer sunshine in full swing you may finally be getting the correct levels of Vitamin D, but what about the rest of the year? Find out how to boost your levels here...
We've received a Pink Ribbon Grant Award
We are pleased to announce our Breast Cancer work has been awarded a support grant from the Pink Ribbon Foundation to help increase our Survivor Pack programme. Click here to find out more...
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Concerned about Stomach Cancer or already been diagnosed?
We've got all the information you need on stomach cancer symptoms, treatments and tips that could help you prevent the disease. Read more...
Childhood Cancer and Sunlight?
Could sunlight and vitamin D help prevent childhood cancers? Health expert Oliver Gillie helps explain the research.  Read more...
London to Paris
Conquer Cancer Cycle Challenge!
Join others fighting against Cancer for our London to Paris Challenge. This 5 day adventure will take you through beautiful English villages and the stunning countryside of rural France.  Click here for more information...
Superhero Run 2014
Thank you to our latest fundraisiers you're all True Superheroes!
Our runners joined us on one of the hottest days we've had so far this year to take on the super challenge! Find out how they got on in support of Cancer Recovery...

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